We recognize there is a vital need for telehealth solutions to meet the challenges we're all currently facing. We are rapidly scaling our services to meet the needs of the PT/OT community and we'll all work through this together. 

In order to answer as many client questions as possible, we are offering short appointments for 1-on-1 consults with Daniel. **We will continue to do FREE 10-minute consults to answer your most urgent questions** 

If you require more time, please schedule a longer appointment to get into more detail with you about:

- Telehealth PT practice launch and management

- Transition into Telehealth during the Coronavirus pandemic

- Telehealth PT clinical questions

- Medicare e-visits

- Billing/Coding for telehealth

- Telehealth staff training

                                                                                   - TelePT Solutions Team

Physical therapy therapeutic exercise


Telehealth is the fastest growing area

in healthcare and it's a perfect fit for PT.......

  • Increased accessibility
  • Patient engagement
  • Outcomes equivalent with in-person
  • Provider flexibility
  • Cost savings for your practice and your patients

TelePT Team
Telehealth Physical Therapy

Why TelePT Solutions?

 With the most experience in the TelePT space,

we know the rules, regulations, 

reimbursement and the ROI 

that will move the dial for your practice.

Learn how your group can benefit 

from adding a Telehealth Physical Therapy vertical.

TelePT Solutions for YOUR Practice

Telehealth Physical Therapist

Zero to Launch

Full telehealth physical therapy practice assessment, planning and consulting services for a successful TelePT practice.